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Van den Hout Enterprises (VDH) combines the personal and hands-on services of a small enterprise with all the benefits of a huge international service network.

We’ll take care of your property search and will assist you during the complete purchase process.

Our Services

We are specialized in this specific part of the purchase process, through our help desk. We accompany the client from scratch until he has finalized the complete purchase. This consists the property search, pre-selection of the visits, negotiations with the seller, preparation of all the documents (multi-lingual) and the assistance at the Deed.


We are specialized in the supervision of real estate projects, marketing support for small and medium sized companies introducing in Spain and we offer co-investment possibilities in our projects.


All aspects of the real estate market, like purchase/sales operations, mortgages and insurances are dealt by one of the professionals at the office in Barcelona. We understand the international buyers like no one else, with their specific habits and requests.


Discover our selection of apartments & houses in Spain. We offer a variety of properties. From a modern apartment in downtown Barcelona or a fantastic house with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. We´ll assist, to make your dream come true! 

Our properties for sale in Barcelona and Costa Brava

A selection of exclusive properties for sale on the Costa Brava and Barcelona. Quiet villas with sea views or a spectacular apartment in downtown Barcelona. Contact us for more information.

Experience, Expertise, Human Support.

“The main reasons to choose for VDH were, confidence, fast feedback, a clear “no-nonsense”, result driven approach and a hands-on mentality.”  Martin Van Beelen


Short communication lines, easy to contact, direct and clear proposals. As foreigners we understand very well what your needs would be. You´ll have only one contact person, for the whole process.


Paul van den Hout has more than 30 years experience offering consulting services of international business in Spain, with an extensive knowledge of the the real estate market. Paul is certified estate agent with the spanish association AEPI and has a Master in Real Estate, through the university of Barcelona.


We offer a lange track record with puchase advise, real estate services and real estate developments in Spain. VDH is spanish limited company, operating in Barcelona since 1.995, offering all the necessary guarantees.


No huge company structure, flexible, fast, accurate, direct and clear.


We understand what foreign investors are looking for. We speak 5+ languages and we are specialized in bridging cultural differences.

Do you want to buy a house in Spain?

They are investing in Spanish Real Estate with our assistance

We met Paul on a “Second Home Exhibition” in The Netherlands. He knows the market very well and understands the specific needs of foreigners. We visited the different areas of the city and fell in love with an apartment in the old town. Paul suggested to have another look at nighttime, as he regarded the area as a bit rough. We did so, and found out that this was NOT our area. We continued our search together and we found a loft-type apartment at the beach area (Barceloneta). VDH assisted us during the whole process, including a complete refurbishment project and Paul has become a personal friend. Very efficient, all-round service. Highly recommendable!

Esther & Paul

From The Netherlands, Owners of an Apartment in Barcelona

We found the services of VDH through the internet. Within hours they sent us a complete report with the “ins & outs” of the local market and a quote of the proposed services. The day afterwards we asked Paul to accompany us with our search for a small palace in the centre of Barcelona, as we had very little time. We found a unique apartment, in downtown BCN, did the negotiations together, and had a fantastic deal! Wow, things go different in Spain.

The company, and specially Paul are highly recommendable and offered their service network. They took care of everything, including signing the purchase Deed with a power of attorney. With such an important decision, it felt very safe to have someone you could trust, especially if you live so far away.

Joel Kahn

From Australia, owner of a beautiful apartment in Barcelona

We contacted Paul after the very positive experience of my parents with him, a couple of years earlier, when they bought a villa in Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava). In our case, it was a complicated (legal) process and Paul was always there to support us.

We felt very comfortable having someone with his experience, working on our behalf. Many times, people underestimate the difficulties of buying a home abroad.

It´s not just the language problem, but there are also many cultural differences, between “northern and southern Europe”.

Frankie Gregorkiewicz

From Poland, Owner of a villa in Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava)

VDH enterprises provides exactly what you are looking for buying a home in Spain. Paul was recommended to me by a friend who used his services earlier. Together we made a “purchase plan to find a small penthouse”, in the centre of Seville.

We found the ideal home and with of Paul´s expertise, we really made a good deal. I am very satisfied with his support; we immediately understood each other and he offers a very good value for money.

Harrie van Heck

From The Netherlands, Owner of a Penthouse in Sevilla

Paul is a trustful consultant with tremendous expertise in real estate and business in Spain. Focus on the aim, supportive and helpful. He helped me to acquire an apartment in Barcelona but offered much more like a perfect renovation and organizing all services needed to enjoy being an inhabitant in Barcelona. He became a professional friend who is there when you need him

Jaap Boonstra

From Amsterdam

We contacted Paul when we were living in Seoul (South Correa). He immediately understood what we were looking for and arranged a pré selection for us to visit during our planned holidays at the Costa Brava. During our stay, we found a spectacular “first line beach apartment”.

Paul took care of the negotiations, all the paper work, inspections + supervision, including a complete refurbish project. He offers a unique service package and we couldn’t have made it without his support.

Wieneke & Jeroen Both

From Seoul, owners of a beautiful beach apartment in Costa Brava

I was looking for an investment in residential real estate in Barcelona. VDH offered a complete building with 9 fantastic apartments + 2 shops in the Borne quarter of the city.

Paul was the owner and we dealt with him through the whole process. Very professional, close to the client, always able to resolve any obstacles and willing to share his experience.

After we bought, his partner company Caseuro is still handling the administration and rentals on our behalf. Excellent contact!

David, owner of a building in Barcelona

From Barcelona

For our company, we were considering investing in residential real estate in Barcelona. We searched the internet and found several companies offering real estate services. One of these, was VDH Enterprises, owned and managed by Paul van den Hout.

I called Paul and during this conversation it became clear he knew the Spanish market very well and he understood what services foreigners require when looking to purchase real estate in Spain. After discussing various possibilities, we agreed on an all-in service package.

This gave me the confidence I was looking for and it was good to speak with someone in your own language! It only took us one day to find the ideal apartment in the center of the city. Paul negotiated with the realtor for us and the deal was sealed the very same day. At this moment, Paul´s company is organizing a complete refurbishment project for us.

The main reasons to choose for VDH were, confidence, fast feedback, a clear “no-nonsense”, result driven approach and a hands-on mentality. Paul and his team are very professional and always put the customer first!

Decss BV/ Martin van Beelen

From The Netherlands, Owner of an apartment in Barcelona

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Purchasing a property in Spain / Ins & Outs of the process

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8 reasons to buy an apartment in Barcelona (now)!

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"I am specialized in purchase assistance for real estate in Spain. If I could be of any help, don´t hesitate to contact me. "


(+34) 609 321 308


Carrer Lepant 286-288,

08013 Barcelona Spain

Van den Hout Enterprises

Throughout the past 30 years, Paul van den Hout has been closely involved with multinational companies as a sales-and marketing manager. He has been living and working in Spain since 1989.

Initially based in Madrid during six years, afterwards he moved to Barcelona,

where he runs his own business from the centre of the city, close to the famous Sagrada Familia (Gaudi) temple.

Paul worked for various multinationals, in the Tourism, Food & Beverage, Leisure and Real Estate industry. This experience has served him well creating his “Helpdesk”. Paul has a Masters in Real Estate with the University of Barcelona and  he is a certified agency at the Catalán real estate institute AICAT.



Since 2013 Paul is also collaborating with the international Business School ESADE, on Leadership- and Cultural Change programs for (inter)national students.

Paul is an Executive Coach, with more than 650 coaching hours over the past 3 years and he is certified (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

He speaks 5+ languages.

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